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Work in progress - Open concept for Common spaces with minimal furniture. Engraving on the wall panels, when viewed from distance, brings harmonious connotation to the space.
Beat the heat! Embrace the coming monsoon, make your terrace a livable space.
A break out space to diminish dizziness during working hours.
#Officespace #minimalistic #concretefloor #wooden ceiling
Artifacts and art pieces elevate the level of design; of the space.
The ambience of ones living space is meant to raise standard of living quality, additionally should foster peace and harmony to ones soul.
Office space should have an ambiance that lights up the spirit of an individual.
Cantilever wooden deck overlooking garden and creating shade for open dining below. Terrace created outside first floor lounge area. MS railing designed to give protection as well as maximum view. Minimalist design with more usable space.
Looking through the office space from its workstation.